SLC’s Vision

Creating business opportunities and creating a comprehensive logistics market that reinforces the supply chain for a more competitive regional economy that grows through trade and regional investments.

SLC’s Mission

The most important logistics facilities / facilities to its customers (manufacturers, retailers and logistics service providers) are to create an independent, sustainable multimodal transport facility that provides value-added services.

Targets in SLC

  • To provide the fastest, cheapest and high quality logistics services to the customers working with the goal of unconditional customer satisfaction in order to increase the competitiveness of the companies,
  • Providing infrastructure and operation support to the companies by creating the starting point of Intermodal transportation where road, railway and maritime cargoes are combined,
  • Providing support to reduce the costs of logistics services in the region, load consolidation and cooperation opportunities,
  • Turkey and the Black Sea will be built in to sample their new logistics center project,
  • To ensure the production of services that will create highly sensitive and environment friendly employment.

Values in SLC

  • We believe in the necessity of collaborations that will provide efficiency and economic advantages.
  • We know the importance of working in high quality built facilities where quality logistics services will be provided in the economic development of our country and our region.
  • We contribute to the protection of green in the environment, reduction of carbon emissions, prevention of noise and utilization of waste.
  • We believe that development will be ensured through joint training of employees and managers.
  • We have international values that depend on our national values.