Samsun Logistics Center, a new generation of logistics services, international strategic location of the infrastructure meets four transport and logistics sector in the world opened in Turkey with modern facilities management, “North Gate” takes over the role!

Samsun Logistics Center Project is realized with the European Union project with a budget of approximately 45 million Euros within the scope of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program, where the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology is the “Program Authority“.

Giant project; closed area, warehouse, social and other facilities on a total area of 680,000 m². The warehouses were built in the first phase of 80.000 m². In the second phase, it will be built on a total area of 370,000 m².

According to the numbering in the image above;

1- Phase 1 – Redesignable Flexible Prefabricated Buildings (80.000m²)

  • Type 1: 15.000m²
  • Type 2: 20.000m²
  • Type 3: 45.000m²

2- Administrative Building: 6.465m²

  • Customs
  • Offices for Rent
  • Market
  • Bench
  • PTT
  • Cargo
  • Infirmary
  • Hairdresser
  • Stationery
  • Auditorium
  • Cafe & Restaurant

3- Brokers Building (3900m²)
4- Prefabricated Fire and Ambulance Building 388m²
5- Prefabricated Truck Service Area 1.675m²
6- Security Checkpoint: 18,5m²
7- Water Tank Building: 558m²
8- Truck Park Area: 29.500m²
9- Car Parking: 6.704m²
10 – 11- Project Cargo Handling Area and 15.850m² Container Terminal
12- Railway Length: 2km
13- Gas Station: 4.500m²
Roads and Loading Areas: 270.000m²

Phase 1 + Phase 2 Total Rentable Area: 225.000m²

Energy Information

4 pcs 1.600 kw Transformer
3 pieces 1.250 kw Transformer
A total of 10.150 kw (10.15 mw)

Our facility, which has an energy supply capacity of up to 10 mw, consumes 0.2 mw of energy in its current state.

1 piece 1.400 kw generator (feeds the social building and security building)
1 Unit 740 kw Generator (feeds the commission building)
In total 2.140 kw (2.14 mw)