Support Services

Support Services include security, social facilities, fire and ambulance stations. With the completion of the 2nd phase, the fuel station will be added to the support services in our facility.

Samsun Logistics Center has a security check point. The security point has an area of 18,5m² and there are 8 security guards.

Within the scope of social facilities, there are customs, rental offices, bench, PTT, infirmary, hairdresser, conference hall in our facility.

Our facility is fully equipped with fire truck and fully equipped ambulance.

Our fuel station will be completed with Phase 2.

Samsun Logistics Center is one of the most important facilities of the “logistics sector” in our country.

Logistics sector occupies an important place in the economic and social development of Samsun city, Black Sea region and our country. Samsun Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Black Sea countries, the Middle East, Central Asia who live in the country for almost 600 million people also has the potential for import and export door.

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