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Samsun Logistics Center is one of the most important facilities of the "logistics sector" in our country.

The logistics sector holds an important place in the economic and social development of Samsun city, the Black Sea region and our country. Samsun Eastern Europe, Turkey, Black Sea countries, Middle East, Central Asian countries living in the country for approximately 600 million people are also the potential for import and export. The aim of the Samsun Logistics Center is to provide logistics services to the companies and new entrepreneurs who will invest in the logistics sector, transport, warehousing, distribution and intermodal transportation opportunities. Logistics Center is established in the city of Samsun, which is an advantageous area of the point where four different transportation is the junction. It is located near Tekkeköy district, about 15 km east of the city

centre. From February 25, 2018
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