First in Turkey in Samsun

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Samsun Logistics Center, turkey's first 'intermodal logistics center', provides storage services to giant companies in an area of 80 thousand m2.

Samsun Logistics Center was built by the European Union (EU) to Tekkeköy district with a grant of 50 million euros. 225,000 m2 of the logistics center with access to air, land, sea and railway transportation has been divided into closed storage areas. Currently, storage activities are being carried out at 80,000 m2 of the center. In the near future, 7 more warehouses will be added to the center suitable for bulk load on an area of 10 thousand m2.

"We are the first logistical storage area in Turkey with access to air, land, sea and railway transportation"

Providing information about the logistics center, Samsun Logistics Center Marketing and Sales Manager Mustafa Yavuz Akoak said, "Samsun Logistics Center is an EU project made with a grant of 50 million euros. Built on 680 thousand m2, 225 thousand m2 of space was allocated to closed storage. 80,000 m2 of these closed storage areas have been built. Right now, 50 percent of our facility is full. In korona days, we continue our activities by following the rules of social distance. Our logistics center is the first intermodal logistics center in Turkey. It is the first logistical storage area with access to air, land, sea and railway transportation. We work here like a dry harbor. Within 680 thousand m2 area, we provide storage services to our customers and provide handling activities. In addition, our customers can benefit from the mobile customs service in the area. We also keep elements such as truck parking area, container storage area, railway, fire department. Our customers who rent a warehouse can rent an office if they wish. We are a logistics center that undertakes the concept of shopping in one point."

"We are 8 km from the airport and 18 km from the central port"

Noting that the center is close to all transportation roads, Mustafa Yavuz Akoak said, "Our facility is located in Tekkeköy district of Samsun. We are located 8 km from the airport, 18 km from the central port, 3 km from Yesilyurt Port and 18 km from the city center. Logistics also provides an advantage in the proximity of the center to these strategic points. On the other hand, there are all available equipment available to convert it into cold storage in our warehouses. Our customers can convert the warehouse they're going to rent into a cold storage tank if they wish. At the moment, our warehouses usually have food, clothing and automobile spare parts products," he said.

"We will begin the construction of 7 of our warehouses suitable for bulk load in the coming months"

Closed storage areas will be expanded by 10 thousand m2 in the first stage, Akoak said:
"Currently serving 225 thousand m2 area was allocated as closed storage space. 1. phase and 2. The construction of this place will continue as a phase. 1. we have been carrying out our activities since 2018. 1. 80 thousand m2 closed storage space in the phase. In addition, offices, administrative building, open space, container stacking area, truck park services and railway 1. is included in the phase. 2. The remaining closed warehouse areas will be built in phase. In relation to the capacity increase issue, we will begin the construction of 7 warehouses suitable for bulk load in the coming months. Thus, the capacity of indoor storage will increase to 90 thousand m2."

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