Samsun becomes Turkey’s Logistics Base

The largest of the Black Sea, Turkey’s 16th. The great city of Samsun, now walks to the goal of becoming the country’s logistics and storage base.

Samsun is one of the most important cities that can manage freight traffic in the region with its strategic structure forming the junction point of the sea, airline, highway and railway. Samsun, which encompasses five organized industrial zones and is located in the focus of the freight corridor in the north-south and east-west axes of Turkey, is also the gateway to the Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasian countries with these qualities…

The city is now a logistics base for a large geography of 400 million, while the Black Sea is preparing for a huge project that will make it one of the key routes.

Samsun Logistics Center Project; Sasum Province has been developed as one of the country’s largest infrastructure projects in order to greatly undertake Turkey’s import and export traffic and uncover its potential. The project, which has a budget of approximately 43.6 m euros, set out with the joint financial support of EU-Turkey, will bring Turkey’s competitiveness to international level. Supported within the scope of the competitive sectors program, 80 percent of the Samsun Logistics Village project is covered by the EU budget and 20 percent from the national budget.

Project partners; Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Middle Black Sea Development Agency, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Samsun organized industrial zone, Tekkeköy Municipality and Samsun Commodity Exchange are listed as.

  • Project Name: Samsun Logistics Center Project
  • Ultimate Beneficiary Executive Institution: Middle Black Sea Development Agency
  • Budget: 43,586,795 euro
  • Objective: To make Samsun a logistics base…

What does logistics mean?

20. The logistic word we heard in the last quarter of the century began to be used in the industry, except for military fields. The following definition, which was made by the “Council of Supply chain Management professionals” and updated in 2002, is still the reference guide for everyone:
“Logistics is an effective and efficient way for all kinds of products, services and information flows to meet the needs of the customers, from the starting point of the raw material to the last point where the product is consumed, the movement within the supply chain, Planning, implementation, transport, storage and control. ”

Source: TR 83 Region Logistics Master Plan book.

Exit point of the project

The first seeds of the project were laid on the insufficient logistics storage areas of Samsun port. After the search for an alternative exit point, it was decided to establish a logistic center in Samsun. Tekkeköy was determined as the most suitable address for the establishment of Logistics Village as a result of feasibility studies according to the criteria of proximity to highway, railway and port as well as terrain slope and physical conditions.

Tekkeköy Town Center 15 kilometers, 20 km from Samsun port, 10 km from the airport of the logistics center to be established, 672 acres will be built on land.

Which structures will be built?

This logistics center will be transformed into one of Turkey’s major trading bases; Closed storage areas, administrative buildings and social facilities, Customs Directorate, container stock area, truck and lorry parking area, railway facility, agency offices, service and maintenance stations, office spaces for Transport brokers, fuel and fire brigade Stations will be established. In addition, social facilities such as bank branches, restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, telephone centres, PTT, kiosks, insurance offices, barbershops, cargo offices and stationery will be built within the center. The center will be transformed into a small settlement with this structure. Railway connection will be provided into the logistics center. The ramp and maneuvering areas will be designed to facilitate loading of warehouses to be established.

Structure of Samsun

Samsun has different characteristics as one of the largest cities of northern Anatolia and the Black Sea. There are 17 districts and 992 villages, including the central counties in Samsun, which has a population of 1 million 269 thousand 989. 627 thousand 296 of the population living in the city center, Samsun attracts attention as one of the cities where the young population weighs.

Samsun’s climate is changing in the coast and inland. Although the coastline is humid in the influence of the Black Sea and the winters are cool, internal cuts have a terrestrial climate under the influence of the Akdağ and Canik mountains.

In addition, the sea, land, air and railway transport infrastructure is very strong, Samsun, both the other cities and other Black Sea countries by means of export point carries. Samsun industrial sector mainly consists of manufacturing industry.

Project stakeholders explained the details of the Samsun Logistics Center project:


Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality

Our Samsun province is one of the major trade ports of the Black Sea. Having the opportunity to trade directly with all countries in the region, especially Russia and Ukraine, our city is able to trade foreign exchange with 100 different countries of the world. We are very assertive in terms of the export of industrial products such as citrus, tomato, grape, wheat flour, minibuses, electrical materials, as well as the manufacturing industry. In order to increase the role of our developing city in foreign trade in the main metals, copper, machinery, tobacco, paper and paper products, chemical industry and auto spare parts industry, including medical instruments and products, textiles and furniture, the potential for logistics bases is now We must mobilize.

Taking into consideration the potential of Samsun, we aim to establish a large logistic village in our city. In this context, we have made a special study by preparing the plan and feasibility reports of the masis.

Nowadays, battles are not only between boundaries, but also between economies. Global competition is in the direction of the Battle of logistics services. The cities that pass through the transport corridor and have the port are key to logistics warfare.

It is possible for our city to arrive in Central Asia and even to the Western markets of the Far East products to become the main sea outlet and increase its role in the Black Sea transport. It is also strategically important as the beginning of the transport corridor connecting the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

See, the expansion of logistics market chain stores developing in major cities, the expansion of shopping centres in medium-sized cities, Mersin, Samsun, Iskenderun, Bandirma and other state ports privation As a result, Anatolia has become a thriving market for the logistics sector. Samsun is the beginning of these provinces in Anatolia. Industrial enterprises in this region, taking into account the potential of production centers, can make predictions about the development process of the logistics sector. These organisations are expected to increase their logistics needs in proportion to the volumes of production and storage areas and the volume of the products being transported.

Why was Tekkeköy elected?

5 different village area alternatives within the boundaries of Metropolitan municipality were examined to determine the location of the logistics village in Samsun. Following the feasibility studies, Tekkeköy location in the west of the city was one of the most suitable alternatives due to its 100 hectares of size. Also, it was a good choice for the safety of logistics operations because it had a low slope of storage space. It was agreed on Tekkeköy when the access and proximity of transportation alternatives were also taken into consideration.

As a result, we want to make Samsun a logistical base. Apart from being a metropolitan property, Samsun will win new qualifications, the locomotive role in the development of the region. We will also promote the logistics capacity of Samsun on this axis, both to the national and neighboring countries and to the world countries. Thus, we will make Samsun a brand new logistics. Samsun, exports and imports to a key point, we will increase the competitiveness of our local companies.

2 thousand people to be employed

Logistics is a global business arm. Local companies only serve within the country, causing the competition to stay back. However, when this project is concluded, for Samsun, which is intended to be the starting point in the transport corridor, partnership with overseas companies and strategic cooperation will also be done.

Samsun Logistics Center Project aims to open new employment doors to 1 million 270 thousand citizens living within metropolitan municipality boundaries. Accordingly, in the first place, two thousand people will be offered new job opportunities.


Abdullah Gökbilgin Logistics Village Project project coordinator

To establish a logistics center, we chose Tekkeköy District of Samsun Province. By the Logistics centre, we will also remove obstacles such as the lack of Samsun port and the limited available storage spaces.

Transportation facilities played an important role in the selection of Tekkeköy. Because the railway line is passing by Tekkeköy, there is no need to withdraw a separate line, thus, the cost and duration of expropriation was achieved in terms of.

Tekkekoy The State Railways of the Republic of Turkey (TCDD) is also very advantageous in terms of proximity to the Gelemen logistics area, Samsunport, Yesilyurt and Toros fertilizer port. The railway line runs past Tekkeköy. We aim to renew and activate the already existing Samsun-Çarşamba line and allocate the unused lines to logistics village. In this context, the TCDD is continuing to negotiate with our traffic. Logistics village will be linked to the Black Sea dish and world ports since it is connected to the railway in three ports.

Samsun will have intermodal transportation system. In other words, it will have a combination of transport system that allows the use of different transport models.

The logistics will have a great advantage in terms of its proximity to the production foci such as the village, organized industrial zone, fertilizer factory and Black Sea copper enterprises.

Largest EU Project

The project, supported by the Ministry of Science, Industry and commerce through the competitive Sectors program, also carries the quality of being one of the biggest EU projects so far. The major project application form of the project was approved by the European Commission on 11 December 2014. The project was divided into 672 acres of land. This center in Tekkeköy provides logistics warehouses to firms in the region, and will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of enterprises.

What is a calendar?

Tender files of the project are prepared. The foundation is scheduled for construction in November. According to the calculations, the construction works of Samsun Logistics village will be completed in the last quarter of 2017. Activities under technical assistance are also scheduled to be completed in November 2017.


Salih Zeki Murzioğlu Chairman of Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry

As one of the partners of the project, we aim to develop the potential of Samsun in imports and exports.

Samsun will be flooded with logistics firms when the village is completed. It’ll be a pilot zone like Mersin. In other words, it will serve as an important logistics center of Samsun Turkey after Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin.

Logistics is one of the most cost-effective investments in today’s investment. Wherever you make logistics easy, your manufacturing and exports are also concentrated. At the end of this project, Samsun will be an important base in exports.

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