Logistics Village Project 2017, OK

Samsun Logistics Center, which is planned to be established in Tekkeköy district, is reportedly to be completed in 2017.

According to the information received from the Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA), the tender for the “Samsun Logistics Center Project”, which was prepared in 2011, was completed in 2015 of the project tenders and was aimed at raising the project to 2017. Specified. Samsun Logistics Center in 2011 in order to effectively use the new budget opportunities provided by the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program (BROP), which is the ‘ Program Authority ‘ of the Ministry of Science Industry and technology Project prepared in the statement stated, “After the final evaluation on 26 April 2012, 11 projects have been entitled to enter the list of prioritized projects and Samsun Logistics Center project as the highest-budget single major project Has earned a great success with the 25 million euro budget. The project budget reached approximately 42 million euros in the negotiation process, “he said.

The general objectives of the project are as follows: “In order to start operations in the region, the project aims to develop regional competitiveness in the target region to provide logistics warehouse opportunities for firms. Samsun Logistics Center is an investment aimed at establishing a ‘ dry-harbor ‘ type facility in Samsun with more than half a million inhabitants on the northern coast of Turkey. The city is home to the important Black Sea port. Samsun Logistics Center will be established near Tekkeköy district, about 15 km east of Samsun city center. It is 20 km from Samsun central port (main entrance) and 10 km from Çarşamba airport. Samsun-Ordu Highway, 1.8 km north of the logistics center. Samsun-Ordu Highway is the main connection road in the east-west direction, which also connects Samsun to Ankara. The Samsun-Çarşamba railway line passes exactly past the logistics center. Samsun Tekkeköy Logistics Village Project, five different size warehouses, a social and administrative building, a commission office, a fire station, service stations, gas station, two vehicle measurement buildings, two security buildings, roads, parking areas and Railway. The total area is approximately 670 thousand m2. ”

OKA gave the following information about the final status of the project: “The tender of the project consists of 4 parts. Construction, construction brokerage, technical assistance and goods procurement tendables. All documents of the project are ready to be completed in 2015. The tender for the construction consultancy of these 4 tender is to be completed and the construction tender is aimed to be extermination soon. Technical assistance and procurement tenders will take place in the later months of 2015. After the completion of the tendings, the work will begin. The period in which the ongoing project is included in the scope of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program, which is the ‘ Program Authority ‘ of the Ministry of Science Industry and Technology, is ending in 2017. The project will also be completed in 2017. 90 percent of the project will be funded by the European Union. A 10 percent co-financing is covered by the sources of the Republic of Turkey. Samsun Logistics Village Establishment Cooperation protocol signed institutions and share rates of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality share rate is 40 percent, Tekkeköy municipality share rate of 10 percent, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry share rate 25 percent, Samsun commodity exchange The share rate is 15 percent, the share rate of Samsun Central organized industrial zone is 10 percent and the OKA is a natural member. ”

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