Diyarbakir delegation visits SLC

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The Diyarbakir delegation, which came to the city for technical examination in Samsun Logistics center, visited Samsun Logistics center.

Among them are chairman of the Board of Commerce Exchange and TOBB board member Engin Yeşil, Diyarbakır TSO Chairman Mehmet Kaya, Karacadağ development Agency Secretary General Hasan Maral, Diyarbakır OSB Chairman Aziz Odabaşı, The delegation of 21 people, including the Deputy secretary general of the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, Ekrem Yeşil, first visited the Samsun Logistics center. Samsun Logistics Center, general manager Temel Uzlu, who welcomed the delegation, gave information to the delegation about the center. After reviewing the delegation at the center of Logistics, Ataturk honored monument, Bandırma Ferry and Tobacco Pier visited, Samsun TSO came.

It was a good experience

Delegation, Salih Zeki Murzioğlu, chairman of the Board of Directors of Samsun TSO and Parliament speaker Haluk Akyüz welcomed. Speaking during the visit, Salih Zeki Murzioglu, chairman of the Board of Directors of Samsun TSO, expressed their efforts to strengthen economic collaborations and trade relations by giving information to the delegation about the general economy of the city. Diyarbakir TSO Chairman Mehmet Kaya, who then mentioned, the Samsun Logistics Center on the site by examining the authorities received information and the Logistics center to be established in Diyarbakir is a good experience for this trip, he said. Kaya, Diyarbakir and Samsun to strengthen the commercial and bilateral relations, noting that the need to collaborate with the relevant Samsun TSO said. Then speaking, Diyarbakir Commodity Exchange Chairman and TOBB board member Engin Yeşil, “Firstly, also I am very happy to work with the administration of TOBB Salih Zeki Murzioğlu and the management of the hospitality of the very Thank you. Hopefully between the two cities together, we will do beautiful projects, “he said. After the speeches, the presidents found each other a moment.

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