Samsun Logistics Center is one of the most important facilities of the “logistics sector” in our country.

Logistics sector occupies an important place in the economic and social development of Samsun city, Black Sea region and our country. Samsun Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Black Sea countries, the Middle East, Central Asia who live in the country for almost 600 million people also has the potential for import and export door. The aim of Samsun Logistics Center is to provide transportation, storage, distribution and intermodal transportation opportunities to logistics companies in the region and new entrepreneurs who will invest in logistics sector. The Logistics Center is established in Samsun, which is an advantageous area since it is the point where four different transportation points meet. It is located approximately 15 km east of the city center, near the district of Tekkeköy.

centre. From February 25, 2018
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SLC Samsun provides services under the headings of Central Facility Management, Support Services and General Maintenance Services. Among the sub-branches of these services; warehouse and office rental, handling services, container storage, truck parking, weighbridge, bonded warehouse, security, fuel station, fire and ambulance station.

SLC is 8km from Çarşamba Airport, 18km from Samsun Port, 2.5km from Yesilyurt Port and 2.5km from Toros Port. SLC is also integrated into railways and located near the ring road.

The SLC is planned to be completed in 2 phases, 1 and 2. In the 1st phase, the construction of Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3, respectively 15.000m², 20.000m² and 45.000m², was completed and the activities started on 25 February 2018. The total number of leasable storage areas together with the second surplus is planned to reach 225.000m². 3900m² broker building, 1675m² fire and truck service area, 36.4m² two security points, 558m² water tank building, 102.250m² green area, 29.500m² truck parking area, 6.704m² car parking, 15.850m² container terminal, 2km railway, 4.500m² gas station 680.000sqm area in total.

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